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Member’s Profiles

Continuing our ever fascinating series of Member Profiles, recounting their memories of the club. 

The idea for member profiles started with an event that took place towards the end of 2004. That event was the 80th birthday celebration of one of our members Paul R, which was held at Goring Tennis Club .

Paul explained  about the beginnings of the club which started about 30 years ago, and as a consequence Paul was invited to tell his story in the club newsletter. Other octogenarians, Barbara B, and Muriel shared in the celebration of Paul’s birthday. All three are honorary members of the club, with about 90 years of membership between them. They have all seen the club grow over the past 30 years from virtually a few tennis enthusiasts to where it is now.

Some of us have a road to travel to get to thirty years membership, but it would be interesting to see what the club looks like in 2035!

Please do continue to send in your memories. This section of the newsletter and web site is proving very popular not least with the newer members, who are enjoying learning the history of Goring Tennis Club.

Currently we have have contributions from:

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